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Buy or Sell a Horse


Trying to find the perfect horse?

Tired of false information and high prices?

Here at QPM, we specialise in the sourcing, buying and selling of various Lusitano prospects in Portugal and Spain. From happy hack, brood mares, foals and stallions to top competition horses. We are 100% independent and are not tied to any breeders, dealers or producers. Our primary objective is to find the best horse for each client.

We pride ourselves on consistency in providing an honest, transparent and professional service. We charge a fixed rate per day and take a 10% finders fee on the final sale (this is required from a new buyer of the horse, NOT from the seller)

We have a deep love for horses and want to connect the right people with the ideal horses! Our dedication and passion speaks for itself, and so do our customer reviews. We enable cross-border exchange for all the horses we sell. Since 2000 we have sold horses worldwide. In order to continue this success story, we are constantly setting ourselves new goals and focus on customer satisfaction. 

As we always say ...  Whether you're a competitive rider or simply a "happy hacker", our love, dedication and experience will ensure you find the perfect horse. 

Whether you are looking for the right horse for you or looking to sell your horse to the right person, QPM is the right place for you!
Our focused, reliable and dedicated team are here to assist you.

We have a wide range of horses available - From pure Lusitanos, trained dressage horses, reliable jumpers or safe ponies and horses for leisure. 
- you can choose from horses of all performance classes and disciplines. "depending on availability." 

QPM is perfect for horse enthusiasts who are looking for a new riding partner and owners who want to place their horse in good hands by selling Them in a safe and uncomplicated way.

Terms and Conditions Packages

Package 1  

If you have already found a horse you like, we send out two of our experience team members to view and ride the horse for you.  In this way you eliminate the risk of false information in regard to training or quality.

Price: Depending on location of horse


Prices may very from €100 - €300 per day 

( This is depending on location, specific requirements and any additional distance. 


Package 2 

Our end to end service include the finding, pre testing of horses, arranging accompanied viewing trips or quality video and pictures if you are not able to come and view the horse in person, negotiating the most favourable prices and then arranging the transportation to desired location.

Price: 200€ per day plus 10% finders fee on final sale (paid by buyer)

Transport to final destination and vetting not included

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